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Fair Museum Jobs Summit – Time for a Change?

Image of a desk with papers and a mug on. In the bottom left there is a hand writing on a sheet of paper.

Fair Museum Jobs Summit – Time for a Change?


Image of a desk with papers and a mug on. In the bottom left there is a hand writing on a sheet of paper.

Monday marked the start of the Fair Museum Jobs Career Summit – a fabulous opportunity to hear from individuals across the sector about a wide and varied selection of topics. Hosted by GEM, and supported by Artfund, it seems clear that now is the time to take advantage of the wealth of career advice available to us within the sector. From how to manage apprentices and interns, to what it’s like to be the Director of an organisation, the FMJ Summit will likely provide a wealth of insight and information, particularly for those in the early stages of their career. The talks will also give thought to diversifying your career; even if you have a very specific job title, your skills are still transferable. If you fancy a change (or a challenge) why not consider what you might be able to do with your skill set?

Tuesday’s advice on the dreaded CV will be useful for those just starting out, those fancying a change, or those in need of a new role as a result of the pandemic. Although we all struggle to talk about ourselves in job applications, there are tips and tricks that make the process easier and more effective.

On Wednesday, talks will focus on the range of opportunities available within the sector: from Collections Care to Social Media, there is such a range of roles within the museum and heritage sector that identifying where you would like to focus can seem like a minefield. Take a look at these sessions to hear from professionals in museum departments that you might not have considered working in.

Thursday will spotlight all of those seemingly ‘random’ jobs within the heritage sector that you might not have thought of applying to or might not have known existed. As a consultancy we can vouch for the unexpected jobs and the wealth of experience you can gather from them. It might be time to step outside of your comfort zone (and job title) and apply for something a little different.

On Friday, a discussion about heritage traineeships could offer a solution to your career or organisational needs. Our experience at Culture Syndicates has shown us that traineeships can take a number of different forms and can offer a wealth of different experiences for those new to the sector, and for those with an established career.

Finally, Saturday and Sunday promise advice on networking and professional development; take heed of information on both of these areas! Taking the time to consider your own Unique Selling Points and how you want to introduce yourself are vital to developing your personal networks.

All of the sessions are completely free, and we think it’s more important now to make sure that you’re taking advantage of all of the possible opportunities for growth and development; you never know what you might find out, or who you might meet. We hope to see more career-focused summits like this in the future to continue these vital conversations.

To book onto the FMJ Summit, take a look at the programme and sign up to sessions of interest here: https://gem.org.uk/training-and-events/fair-museum-jobs-summit/

By Hollie Davison, Head of Projects

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