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About Culture Syndicates CIC

Culture Syndicates’ Mission

We provide specialist advice tailored for
your heritage or cultural organisation.

Developing organisational resilience

We support cultural organisations to achieve best practice

Building employability

We create paid development opportunities for emerging professionals

The Team

Charlotte Pratley

Charlie leads Culture Syndicates’ strategic direction and workforce development. She specialises in project management and grant capture.

Jessica Tarver

Jess leads various projects that help museums to achieve high standards in collections, audience engagement and exhibition display. She specialises in collections management.

Neville Stankley
Advisory Director

Neville is an expert in heritage management, and is a principal lecturer at Nottingham Trent University.

Helen Simmons
Trainee Project Manager

Helen is in training to coordinate projects; her expertise includes cultural management and archaeology.

Hollie Davison
Resilience Syndicate Project Manager

Hollie works on projects that build resilience in the workplace, developing varied and engaging internships that will encourage diversity within the sector.

Lizzie Irving
Marketing and Operations

Lizzie coordinates Culture Syndicates’ marketing and operations, developing her skills and interest in cultural business practice.

Hayley Du-Buisson
Resilience Syndicate Administrator

Hayley ensures effective communication and organisation of the Resilience Syndicate project, and has a special interest in family history research.

Sophie Burton
Heritage Assistant

Sophie has experience of access and marketing projects, and continues to develop her skills through freelance work.

Jack Strawbridge
Heritage Assistant

Jack is experienced in working on collections and access projects. He has a special interest in archives.

Annabelle Arnold
Resilience Syndicate Intern

Annabelle is expanding her experience in collections and exhibitions, and particularly enjoys working with geology and the 1940s.

Amy Carter
Heritage Assistant

Amy is experienced in working in outreach and collection management projects, and is interested in creative interpretation.

Anne-Marie Rooney
Resilience Syndicate Intern

Anne-Marie contributes to projects on audience development and engagement, she is using her time as as intern to develop her interest in accessibility and education.

Elsa Trueman
Resilience Syndicate Intern

Elsa specialises in wellbeing in the arts and natural heritage, and is practicing and developing this passion during her internship.

Emma Raymond
Resilience Syndicate Intern

Emma is training within the Resilience Syndicate project, she has experience of working with rare books and enjoys literary heritage.

Ellie Cooper
Resilience Syndicate Intern

Ellie has a passion for prehistory, and is enjoying her training in making these museum artefacts accessible to audiences.

Siân Fox
Resilience Syndicate Intern

Siân is experienced in collections management, and is developing her skills further through the Resilience Syndicate project.