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How we decorate objects has changed dramatically throughout the ages. This fourteen panel exhibition allows the viewer to take a journey through the millennia and get to grips with the fascinating way ancient societies decorated objects. It also explores modern decoration to allow audiences to compare and contrast decorative practices across history.

This exhibition will be a cost-effective and time-saving way of exhibiting any collection with decorated objects. You will be able to draw attention to the unique objects in your collection as well as situating them within a broader history of creativity and design. Our panels facilitate easy comprehension of information, making them accessible to audiences of different ages and abilities.

This large exhibition will allow you to expand any current exhibition and to diversify how you use your collection. The fresh design of the panels may promote you to think about your own collection from a new perspective, shedding light on new interpretative themes for your audiences to explore.

With minimal effort from your venue we can inject a new and exciting element to your exhibition space and create opportunities to increase footfall to your site.

Size: Fourteen panels

Price: £200

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